Our Produce

When local produce is available, we will be using it at Fresh Kitchen.

As soon as the growing seasons begin in Central Ohio and Western Indiana, our vendors are sourcing the best local produce for our guests.

Who We Are

At Fresh Kitchen, we offer great food that our guests want to put in their body. 

Every day, you have many choices to make.  Choose the nutritious, delicious food at Fresh Kitchen. 

We are certain you will be back! 


Along with our quick-serve restaurant, we offer a wide variety of catering options. 

From Soups, Salads and Sandwiches, to our Power Bowl entrees, House-baked Treats and thirst quenching drinks, we have everything you need!

Healthy Quick-serve?

Sometimes you don't want to cook for yourself.  Maybe you don't have time, but still want to eat food that is good for you.  

Come in an join us for some great food that will make you feel energized, in the same amount of time it takes for you to get that burger!